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Cindy has been with GB since 12/2001. She has her certificate in Early Childhood Education from the Child Care Careers Program. In addition to GB, Cindy has worked 4 ½ years with children ages 1-12 years of age.

Savannah started out as a substitute in 4/2016. She is now working as a full time teacher. Savannah has recently completed her S.T.A.R.S certification . She enjoys working on Art Masters and teaching the children about many different kinds of Artists.


Malean has been with GB since 4/2021. She is excited to be working with our program and is riding the wave with our pandemic experience. She is enthusiastic, a quick learner and has been really enjoying working with the children.

Pat Sarmento, M.A.
     B.S.     Child Development & Family Relationships
                 Elementary Education
     M.A.    Early Childhood Education

Joanne Ponzo, M.S.
     B.A.     Special Education
     M.S.    Child Care Administration 
Since 1979, both Pat & Joanne have:
-Trained on-line and DSHS staff at local conferences
-Provided technical assistance in the design and training of local child care centers
-Served as adjunct faculty at SPSCC and Centralia Community College 


Jared started at GB in 6/2016. He recently moved up to Washington from California to pursue a degree in Early Childhood education. In California Jared worked at a Co-Op Preschool for two years in addition to being a nanny for many of the parents. He enjoys teaching the children about science and exploring possibilities through experiments!

Kali has worked at GB since 11/2010.  Before working at GB, Kali had worked with children in a local theater program in the area for several years. Kali has her BA from PACE University and has worked in theater and as a nanny during her college years. Kali works here sporadically as a teacher and in the office.

We are very fortunate to have a variety of substitute teachers here at GB.  As some of our permanent staff move on to new chapters in their lives you may see more new faces around GB. If they have not already, please feel free to introduce yourself.


Meet our Team!