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"We toured numerous daycare options for our 18 month old son before visiting Great Beginnings. When we stepped through those doors we knew we'd finally found a place with that "good feeling" we were looking for, a place where you feel confident your child will get the care and guidance they need all day long. The environment inside and out is inviting, joyful and consistent. Unlike many facilities with high turnover and low morale, they employ a consistent and energetic staff who manage to pull off one of the hardest jobs out there with love and care. And, if that weren't enough, co-directors Pat and Joanne have been running this program for more than 30 years and they are both warm, organized and highly educated. Thank you, Great Beginnings, our son is thriving!"
Aimee & Mark



"My family has been enriched by our choice to entrust Great Beginnings with the care of our two children. Our son continues to talk about his 'teachers' at Great Beginnings, even two years later - We believe that his love for learning was sparked by the caring and enthusiastic staff, most of whom have been there since my wife and I chose GB, 7 years ago.
Great Beginnings has been a second family to us. We are proud to encourage any of our friends to consider them as a great choice, when a loving and supportive environment for your children is your first priority."
Mike & Elizabeth B


"VERY pleased with Great Beginnings!: When I first moved to Olympia 12 years ago, the first 3 people I met who had kids ALL sent me to Great Beginnings.  I had never had ANYONE watch my son, so I was nervous. 5 years later, Simon was STILL there and very happy. I went through a divorce during those years and they were supportive to both of us parents and our son. The staff RARELY changes, and they all seem to love what they are doing (but they aren't fanatical-that would be creepy!) Fast forward to my present situation: remarried to a child psychiatrist...have another son and I insisted on sending him to GB. Husband loves it, I still love it, and Sam loves it too! I have taken a lot of cues and lessons from GB into my home-I don't know how they do it!
We still see some of the old staff show up from time to time, and in the 2 years Sam's been there the staff hasn't changed.
My oldest son is now in middle school for academically talented students and although he is bright, I attribute some of that to his early learning opportunities at GB. In fact, there are a number of kids at his current school (NOVA) that went to GB also. I remember when he went from GB to kindergarten full time and he hated it! It was boring and he already knew everything they were being taught (got it at GB). The teacher actually told me he was helpful to her with the other kids. We soon switched schools into a more challenging program and all was well. I know this is long, but when you are shopping for your kid's care, you want as much info as you can get!"
Anonymous Yahoo user 2007



"GB has been great for both our children. We love that they mix the age groups together -  the younger ones have older role models, and the older ones learn compassion and patience. You can tell that all of the staff love and respect 'their' children"
Miriam & John P


"We love what GB does for our 4-year-old son. GB encourages and nourishes friendships between the children. The open space both inside and outside gives kids plenty of room to move around and exercise their creativity. The teachers are all really easy to talk to about concerns unique to our son. I could go on and on. GB has been a really good environment for us."
Jason K



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